Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Where in the Hell Am I

Yes the sky is both white and blue
But I can see nothing else well
I'm sitting here wondering what to do
Am I on my way to Hell

I will use my courage and fly up high
Surely I am not the only bird
Others will come when they hear me cry
Getting into the painting is really weird

Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm a Happy Little Duck

I am a happy little duck
As blond as I can be
In water I am never stuck
I'd like to go to sea

I wander in an out of water
I really love the Sun
It's force makes me hotter
And I'll always hide from guns

Friday, November 14, 2014

I am A Happy Puppy

As I sit thinking about my life
Many dogs deal with strife
I've had a very happy family
They love to stop and play with me

Sunday, November 9, 2014

For Those who Think I am a Monster

There are other beasts along my path
Even in the trees
When I go to the river for a bath
A lot of fish is what I see

But all and all I'm full of life
Stick around and you'll see me mile
I love to look at my sweet wife
And then my face is full of smile

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I am a Leader

I Am your Leader Vote for Me
I will lead in Democracy
And what I've said you can quote
Let's get the people out to vote

I Am Me in Africa

I am very young to be
My parents have gone
And I am me
I don't stand on a lawn

As I take my walk
I look up in the sky
And like so much to talk
And wish I could fly

Friday, October 17, 2014

Looking Ahead to LIfe

                                                       Each Day I see the World about me
                                                       I am a happy pet
                                                       The longer I live
                                                       The happier I get

I am a baby kangaroo

                    I live on the plain
                    Knowing what to do
                    Some times I get a bit of pain
                    Storm comes without a clue

                    But I am happy
                    As I bounce along
                    I am very snappy
                    As I sing my song

You and me without words; we're birds

We are in colours that have not been seen
But it's been improved by the Queen.
Now I think we should fly
Cause our queen is coming by

The Day is lost I'm full of wood

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

As I wander at night

What am I to do by myself and the Sun?
I left my family behind.
So I could started my journey to run
Not knowing what I would find
Thank goodness I'm not a turkey

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Am the Dog


                                          I walk along and am very happy
                                          Thank heaven I'm not like cats
                                           My thinking is very snappy
                                           And I don't have to chase rats.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Bird In my Window

I  looked at the landscape
Across from my shore
I wonder how long it would take
To get to the other sides door

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Struggle with the internet

    Sometimes there is no freedom on the internet
    You don't have control and what you get
    In this case I think of art
    When I attempt to post
     My mind is full of toast


Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Am Spityz-type Samoyed

I Am Spityz-type Samoyed

Long ago I was more like
My cousin the wolf.
But as time marched on
I became a dog.
A good member of 
Human families 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Yellow Dog's Journey

 Yellow Dog's Journey 

The yellow dog stands in the West
His heart beats quickly
In the depth of his chest

He wishes he knew the way of the path
Because he wants to go home
And have a fine bath

"I want to know where are my friends
 I will love my family
 Till my life ends."

Friday, July 11, 2014

The ButterFly In my Garden

Add caption
It is a day of summer and very hot;
As I watch the butterfly among flowers.
Welcome home my friend.
Where were you all winter?

Looking at your wings
Makes me happy and wonder
How many million years
You've been doing it.

Monday, July 7, 2014

October: The Month For Me

 October: The Month For Me

I guess I am a homemade cookie
It was the month mom brought me out
There was day of the roses although I don’t remember it
Perhaps I was a flower.
I joined one of the US presidents
Mr. Dwight Eisenhower

But most of all, for me
It is the month of national Poetry Day
There was a day of parades about the Statue of Liberty
With naming the national flower> rose
Comes Halloween the Saint’s day

And my birthday in the middle goes

The Evolution of Human Beings

The Evolution of Human Beings

Why is it so easy to see Us and Them;
And then we slay each other?
Can we get help from science fiction
That brings aliens from other planets?

I have always been disturbed by war
Some times each side believes in Heaven 
Christians have the ten commandments that says
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Is there a problem with the belief of life after death
The thought evolved from other animals
My cat loves me but has no problem popping out her claws
When I don't do what she wants

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Dance of Life and Death

The Dance of Life and Death

Life and Death dance together.
They are connected by love and hate
And exist around the surface of the Earth.
 They stare at the space as they
Wonder if there are others.

Who knows what connects them?
Does life exist across the universe?
Perhaps no knows but God.
And if He’s not there,
The science of Evolution.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Love You Mother


You are the history
That brings me back to who I am

You are the sweet smell of lilacs
That gives me peace

You are the courage
That helps me move toward the future

You were amazing in your faith
That led me see the good in others

Yes you are my mother

But now you’re gone

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Love My Showers

I love my showers
But I don’t take one everyday
It’s one of the only times I like to sing
“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

Having a shower is a perfect example
Of  living in the Here and Now
While standing in the tub
I gently get the water hotter.

But I never need to scream
And I know when It’s time to stop
As I climb out ot the tub
My body is full of laughter

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Aging Through Time

Aging Through Time

Living life is a daily journey,
But who wants to live forever.
And when we die will it be final
                                                      Or will we go to Heaven or Hell.

There may be other steps,
Besides being gone forever
Like reopening with reincarnation
Then living our lives to a better station

In young life I was an athlete
And I didn’t think about getting old.
I was too busy playing football.
Now I live in the ‘here and now’.

I am very thankful for meditation
It daily keeps me on the journey.
But as I get closer to the end
 I don’t think I’ll live forever.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Sad Tiger

 I do not know where I am
 My forest and friends have gone
 Yes I am a giant cat
 And it shouldn't matter where I'm at
 I will just sit and think
 And wonder when this ends
 If I will ever find my friends

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Bird on the Beach

               I am a DOLPHIN GULL
               I bring colour to the beach
               I  watch myself a lot
               I live around the horn
               In my protective jacket

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Second Day of Summer

The Second Day of Summer

I’m sitting looking out the window
And soon I’ll begin my 2nd day of walk
Now even when It’s partly cloudy
The Sun sneaks it’s warmth down to us

I know some days will be quite hot
They can be cooled by windy breeze
And during my walk I can move under the trees
And gaze at many happy flowers

In the years when I taught a school
Summer was a time of rest
Many use summer as vacation
And travel in holiday across the nation.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I am your Butterfly

I would fly real high if I could
But as you might guess
I'm made of wood

So here is the place
That I will sit
Looking at you
Face to face


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Alone in the Forest

I fly my way every day
Sometimes I get lost
And unable to find my way

The best place I like to fly
 I'm less likely to fret
 Is the clear blue sky

 Here I've almost starved
 And lost my temper
  the first since I was carved

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Little Bird Waits For Spring

                                          I sit here in the branch of tree
                                          Waiting for the breath of spring
                                          Missing leaves don't bother me
                                          But it's just to cold to sing


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Looking out for the cat

  Moving in Summer is not like a Fall
  But I need to know where I'm at
  I about bumped in the wall
   As I was being chased by a cat

  In the summer I search in the garden
  I like to find small bugs and worms
  The little things I eat aren't a burden
  But I move fast as a cat has her yearns

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I Am Not A Crow

  My Name is Crested Myna.
  Vancouver is my home.
   I came here 116 years ago.
   At one point in time,
   There were thousands of us.
   In the Winter we live on bridges.
   We also like drain pipes.
    Our babies come in April
    And through the month of June.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Old Man in The Blue

  All my life I have wanted to do good
  Something I learned when I was a child
  To love others as myself and
  Helping others has been a life plan

  When hearing the news I feel quit sad
   But my friends we must not give up
   On my walk the young ones I see
   Smile and giggle as I wave to them
   And that make me very happy
   Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Approach of Summer

The Approach of Summer

I wake deep breathing in the morning
And the sun’s already up
I step outside to get the newspaper
And, oh it’s nice and warm.
Summer is only two weeks away

I have my breakfast and
Get ready for my walk
As I go around the neighborhood
My favorite song pops up
“Who wants to live forever”

Another song pops into my head
"You are my sunshine my only sunshine"
I am happy as I wave to neighbors.
And listen to their barking pets
And I move along, one step at a time

My Friend The Walking Stick

   He is my Friend
   He walks with me
   I walk ok and he stays along
   But if I get into trouble
   He helps it end

   When first we met
    He was just a stick
    But I had learned to carve
    Now when he's with me
     I won't get sick

     We are told that walking
      Helps keep us in health
      So as I become an older man
      I"ll keep him near my side

Friday, June 6, 2014

Yes I'm A Chicken

   I do not run away when I challenged
   I have no idea about that name for humans
   Of course I am a Rooster and not a Hen
   But as a bird, I know the way
   When to fly and what to say

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Story of A Bee

                The Story of A Bee

      When I was born with my mummy
      There were a lot of use around
      And humans were looking for the honey
      Well we grew up most alive
       In a place that was very sunny
       We had a nice big hive

        But as I got older I flew out to see
        And the windows of a human being
        Made me sparkle with glee
        When  I looked inside the thing


As Days Go By

                                                                  As Days Go By

I put research, paintings and poetry on my Blogs[1]
It makes me happy that my info goes around the world
I love to teach which I learned as a firstborn child in our family.

Helping others is my goal of life.
 My career was as; a university professor.
Now that I’m retired, I’m thankful for the Internet
As a teenager and young adult I was an athlete
Now I like to follow sports on television.

If I had the money I would travel around the world
And try to understand what we humans are all about
I wish we humans would learn to do unto others
As they would have them do unto them.

[1] and Retirement: Third Age New Beginning (

Monday, June 2, 2014

Living With Alzheimer

 Living With Alzheimer

Some times I sit with sadness
But that’s not the thing to do
I live my life deep breathing and
Meditating in the here and now.
With love and joy and happiness,

 Sadly, I consider those with cancer
Which to me is the worse disease
Then breathing deeply I return
To meditation in the here and now
And let my brain have ease.

Some day I believe that we humans
Will conquer all disease and hatred.
Perhaps there is another force
That will give us a second chance
Through the process of reincarnation

There are about 7 billion of us on Earth;
Living our lives as human beings.
Hello my friends around the world
It’s only belief in Science Fiction and/or in God
That can bring us all together.

Now I sit here with my mighty wife
And our fuzzy purring pussycat.
The here and now is wonderful.
Besides feeling much less pain
I look outside and there is no rain.

We all need to combat Alzheimer
And someday we will make it go.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Journey of an athlete

From my days of youth
I've loved to be an athlete
Wrestling to build my body muscles
Playing football to earn an education
I still maintain health in old age

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Sun and Her Friends

    The Sun and Her Friends
    As I wake up in the morning
    My dog friends begin to bark.
    I am busy with my warming.
    It's so cold when it is dark.

    I am your  Queen my dogs
    And my love for you is great.
    Sometimes I don't get through fogs
    And I see you sitting down to wait

Monday, May 26, 2014

Flying Through North America


                                        We are two countries in North America
                                         Here is Canada up North
                                         Below is the USA
                                         We live together in fraternity
                                         As the Earth turns round and round
                                         In the world we are relatively new

                                         In Canada we are a Land of the Free
                                         The USA is our big brother
                                         And we both plan to live
                                         For eternity

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Bird On A Journey

         The Bird On A Journey
     As I move along the hillside
     I think of the past and my first song
     And learning to fly and hide.
     It must be good to do nothing wrong

      There's a lot of good food in the grass
      I especially like to find a worm
                                                                But as a search during the days past
                                                                My rise in the sky is what I yearn

Friday, May 23, 2014

I Am The Fish With Bubbles

       As I move along in my community
       I send a message with my bubbles
       Other fish will talk with mw
       About their swimming troubles.

        Under water we are hard to see
        As we swim our lives together
        It's a really good place to be
        We don;t worry bout the weather
        Sometimes I have found concern
        While swimming in the water
        Earthquakes make the water churn
        It makes me wish I was an Otter.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Cat At NIght

     Somehow I wanted to go outside.
     Something was moving out there.
     It looked like a mouse trying to hide.
     I thought that I could give it a scare.

      When I got out I saw some plants.
      Something I thought I could eat
      Then I noticed a bunch of ants
       And my interest  got very sweet

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Mouse in the Jungle

                                                The Mouse in the Jungle
                                            I am happy in my nest
                                            Who's ever it is
                                            When I awake after rest
                                             I look and say, "it is what is"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Birds of Wood

                                                       High there bird friend, who are you?
                                                       I'm lost and don't know what to do.
                                                       It's just about come another day
                                                       And I don't know what to say,

                                                       Wood is something important to me
                                                       And oh how I wish that I could fly.
                                                       There is so much of the world to see
                                                       And we two birds are not so shy

                                                       Perhaps we can have good fun
                                                       As the darkness goes away.
                                                       And we stand here in morning sun
                                                       Then let's lose our fear today.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


 The Journey Through My Thoughts

 As I began life of my thoughts,
 They were simple and I was happy
 But as aged I discovered lots of oughts
 This complexity made me crappy

As I began my life of creativity
I began to see the thoughts of others
And what they seemed to think of me
It's very true of my younger brothers

Then through out my education
    I found the land of relativity
                                                                               And with politics across the nation
                                                                                My dear wife means a lot to me.

                                                                                And of course I'm not a saint
                                                                                And I have avoided growing bad
                                                                                I like attention is paid to paint
                                                                                And I try to be good like my dad

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Practice of Mediation

A Practice of Meditation

I breathe deeply and chant as I take my morning walks.
As I meditate I focus on different parts of me.
A while ago when I was riding on my bike
I fell over and hurt my right leg muscles.

Meditating I concentrate with all my heart
On injured leg muscles In the here and now,
 It is helping them to get back to normal
Along with Pain-A-Trate.

While in the house, along with meditating
I love to construct poetry and place it on my blog
And I also like to listen to music from the radio

I will continue to Meditate for all my life

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The King In Love

                                                   I live my life with happiness.
                                                   I have both friends and money.
                                                   And of course there's nothing less.
                                                   My great wife who is my honey.

                                                   And I love to make a walk,
                                                   In the day lights of the spring.
                                                   I think about upcoming talk,
                                                   Telling what it's like to be a king.

The mighty King's Struggle

                                                  I don't know what to do I'm lost
                                                  Things should be better from
                                                  The things that money cost
                                                  I want to have my body calm

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The bird in the Bush

I'm a little Bird
I love to chirp toward the Sun
When you're up you have heard
I am the little one whose won.

Spring Has Sprung


With my jacket buttoned
Against the wind,
I felt spring’s warmth
Across my face
As she danced for me,
With flowers in her hair.

On shore near North Shore Mountains
I saw her beauty.
And waded in the water.
Now the sun was warm
As spring sang around me.

Walking in the winter and the
Noise of silent trees;
Feeling the cold of winter
I try to be without spring
         Till she returns

[1] This poem was crated in 1972.  I recently found one of my poetry notebooks from that period.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Exercise To Help My Brain

Exercise To Help My brain[1]

I love to exercise by walk or jog each and every day
It boosts rich oxygen blood flow into my brain.
Jogging free, I wave to neighbours along the way
In many days of spring I exercise in rain

My life has always been moving on
Which helps me create brain size
Come on my great brain neurons
And help me be become wiser.

When I was young I used to sport
Wrestling and playing with football actively
I enjoyed exercise of any sort
But it has downsized to a walking me.

[1]  The Information for this post comes from 100  Best Ways To Stop Aging And Stay Young    ISBN -13-978-1-59233-449-0

Thursday, May 8, 2014


  The Eye of Meditation
I look through life one day at a time.
Breathing deeply exploring the world.
Life is in me as I sit and meditate.
As life goes on I continue to learn
Thank you Mr. and Miz Silva.

My Happiness In retirement

My Happiness in Retirement

 I enjoy my freedom from the clock
And now take some time to grocery shop
Sometimes I don’t know what to do.
 Some day I want to visit a zoo.

After many years of modest wealth
All my muscles are in fine health
In a friendly neighborhood,

I have a hobby of carving wood

Monday, May 5, 2014

Reviewing My Life

Reviewing My Life

My greatest satisfaction in helping others cope
Helps me explore the meaning of my life.
This will continue for a long time, I hope
With help from my wonderful loving wife.

I’ve spent  years on a faculty helping others
A few have stayed in touch with me
And, of course there are my younger brothers
Who help me remember that Me is We.

While I have not been spiritual through the years
I have developed a strong use of meditation
I travel through life with very few fears;
Although I don’t believe in reincarnation.

In the mornings when I read the Newspaper things
And turn on the TV to hear what’s going on
I worry about the behavior of us human beings
Because Who Wants To Live Forever is my song


Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Chickadee in the Desert

We call alarm when we fly through Heaven
We are often called the magnificant  seven
What do we look like you might ask
We are the little one's  wearing a mask

Now I look at the sunrise far away
And wonder where I'd like to go
While this place is not long to stay
At least it's not full of snow

Friday, May 2, 2014

Increasing My Luck in Life

Increasing My Luck In Life

I keep my eye out for opportunity
And prepare to capitalize on it.
Most likely within my community
Knowing the lottery is full of shit.

I’m taking greater effort to know myself
And increase my level of confidence
As well, I don’t leave my effort on a shelf.
Stay and use your brain; makes sense.

The more I prepare for things,
The more opportunity I see.
And when I get luck my heart sings
And I know more about the show of Glee

So I continue to do what I know
Is an opportunity to increase my chance
And my heartbeat sings way to go
As I feel the urge to get up and dance.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Seasons of the Sun

The Seasons of The Sun

I first learned about the Sun when I was young.
He rose in the morning before I left bed
And then crossed from the mountains.
In the evening he dove into the ocean
And made way for his wife; Misses moon.

Then I learned about his four seasons.
I love Summer best when he’s very warm
And shows his face above me longer.
Sometimes I think he’s angry because
He turns my skin red and I need a lot of water,

Along comes Fall; he begins to come later and stay less.
He lets me get my water by sending it in showers.
As time marches on he makes the rain much colder
A clear signal that it’s time for winter

He’s not around very long and hides behind clouds
Rain turns to snow that shines when peeks from behind clouds
I also have to wear some pretty heavy clothes
He takes no responsibility for keeping me warm
At the end of that comes my favorite holiday

Then he comes back, warming up, but still with rain
An artist created a song about April showers
He signals to the flowers that it’s time grow.
We gain three minutes of daylight each day,
And I count the hours till the return of summer.