Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dream World

Dream World

This painting is my first fully imagination-based project. It is a reflection of dreams that have arisen and encouragement from my Fine Arts graduate wife. Until recently most of my paintings have come externally; copying photo representations of people, animals and landscapes.
Along the way I have had a growing desire to be “creative.”  And one of the things art advisors tell us is not to end a painting project by dumping acrylic leftovers into the sink.  So, a few days ago I began this project. In addition I recently have occasionally been able to actually manipulate dream characters while I’m still asleep.
So, a few days ago I began this project by applying “left over” paint to a canvas on the other side of the room. The next day the paint began to reflect specific images as I added more paint.  This evolved into a plan for the whole project.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Bear of Stone

I began my creativity hobbies five or six years years ago.  First with woodcarving and using stone.  Next month I will show more.  My first representation is my Bear of Stone. I have not included any poetry with this because my bear prefers to stand alone

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ella The Kitten

Ella The Kitten

When Ella entered into our path
She was a young and curious kitten.
Who acted out and made us laugh
With chasing birds she was smitten.
In our side yard we have a tree.
Birds often come there to rest.
Soon they came to see
It as good place to nest,
After that Ella got real excited
We couldn’t watch her all the time
And so one day she started to climb
When a bird in the nest was sighted.
Her climbing skill had not developed yet
But she started up the trunk
On a small branch she almost lost her grip
And must have thought her life was sunk.
We came in time to get her free
She was a very happy cat
And while she likes to look at birds 
She doesn’t try to climb the tree

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Cat

Ella The Enchanted

Living with Ella is a wonderful life
Sitting on my lap purring
She lessens stress
And much of my strife.

To deal with other animals
Especially birds that fly by
She sits quietly at the window
Staring up into the sky

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Angel Fish Couple

The Male
“Going out looking for a meal,
Doesn’t make me into a heal.
I’m ready this moment to make a lunge,
if I come upon a delicious sponge.”

“Following me is the woman of my life
Although she is not my only wife
With my fins erect and on my sides
I signaled her (and others) to be my brides.”

“Some times I get in a terrible mood
I become aggressive about  my food.
And other males will be very sorry
If they come into my territory.”

The Female
“It all happened in a very short time.
He swam up to me and signaled ‘you will be mine!’
He made all kinds of fast movements
In a very few moments.”

“Then swimming in good weather
We put our tummies close together
As close to him, as I thought I should,
I let out ten thousand eggs for good.”

“Now I wonder where he’s going.
An increased level of temper is showing
He’s looking for someone to start a fight
Any other fish will just right.”

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Happy Happy


 I am a very happy man.
I live each moment the best I CAN
I enjoy life and am getting the most out of each day
Including my darling wife with whom I like to stay.

With Meditation practiced every day
I live in the here and now with much to say
Yes worry and stress come from inside thought
But so does happiness

Living fully one step at a time
The life I live is full of love
And happiness

Monday, February 4, 2013

Where Are The Berries ????

“I come to the meadow often enough
Looking for berries and other good stuff.
I really don’t have much to say
But if I’m hungry enough
I’ll eat grass and hay.”

“Most people think we are really quite cute.
Other’s grab their rifles quickly to shoot.
Because it’s less likely to occur in BC
Wanting to shoot us is a puzzle to me.”

“A lot of the time I do my hunting alon
In the meadow and forest close to my home.
                                     But in the summer when the salmon swim in
                                         I go fishing with dozens of my other bear kin.”

                                         “Well now like I’ve been yakking a lot
                                          And sitting to long in just this one spot.
                                        I think I just saw a couple of rabbits.
                                           I think I’m fast enough to catch them.”

Friday, February 1, 2013

King Crow

The Crow: King of the Birds

I announce to all birds
I am the king of the land
I am also the smartest of my own band.
If you listen closely I almost speak words

I have found many ways
To get something to eat,
From insects and spiders to
Nuts on the street.
I also like parking lots.

I do not live alone.
I have friends and family.
When we’re ready for children
My wife and I build a nest together
We enjoy flying with our neighbors.