Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Alpha Wolf's Tale

An Alfa Wolf’s Tale

As you can see I have retained my
Dominant expression; far from submission.
Yesterday a horse kicked me on the head,
While I was hunting in the wrong position.

I was the leader of my pack
Until that old horse I was hunting
Showed he knew how to act
When he used his head for bunting.

Now I journey on without family
Alone and very very angry.
Now that I have passed away,
I have become a demon.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Bald Eagle Speaks

The Bald Eagle Speaks

Being one of North America’s largest Birds
 The feeling of responsibility is almost beyond my words
My over 7000 feathers help me keep from harm
And during the winter they keep me warm.

I am a symbol of freedom and escape from strife
Independence is the symbol of my life
Yes among birds I seek be in charge.
That’s in part because I am very large.

You humans need examples that I will share.
Once I got a wife I was always be there
Even though she’s bigger than me
She does not try to scare,

So, while there still those who like to shoot me
I will continue to be one of America’s beauties
And fly through the air on life long duties
And sing; My Country Tiss of Thee

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mama Bear and Her Baby

      Mama Grizzly Bear and her Baby

Her hair looks grayish and brown;
Seen in Grizzlies all over the world.
But this meadow is hers and
No other animal will try to take it.
For them the task is too tough.

In B.C.’s hot summer sun,
She looks at her cub in silence;
With only an occasional grunt.
She knows that world’s humans
Are not likely to come there to hunt.

She looks down at her baby
And gives a deep sigh
Her last little ones, after only
Six months, had started to die.
And left her quite lonely

Now, in the sunshine of summer
She cuddles her young one
In warm wonderful heat
And reaches down for more grass
Something she decides to eat

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Venus Earth's Neighbor

Venus, Earth’s Evil Twin

While Venus de Milo, the statue, is noted for her charm,
Venus the planet is noted for its harm.
Venus de milo, is a creation of female love;
While Venus the planet; evolved in the sky above.

Both Earth and Venus circle in similar paths
And both planets are together near the sun
But unlike other planets in the system
Venus the planet travels backwards
In the opposite direction; the only one

There are other things about Venus
You might like to know
First, it has the System’s brightest light
Following the Sun and Moon
It’s brighter in the sky than any star.

Its surface has been compared to molten lead
With active volcanoes all over the place
Even if we could stand on it we’d be crushed and dead
More than other planets, Venus is the hotter
And it has not even a touch of water

Finally, the Earth rotates the Sun in 24 hours
Venus takes 10 times as long

Monday, January 7, 2013

I Wondered What To Do With You

I wondered What To Do With You

                             The Cat
When first you came into my sight
My instinct told me to take a bite
Then I thought we ought fight
But learning tells me that’s not right

                             The Duckling
Yea, when I first saw you
I knew in an instance that
I must keep my distance
But with time I learned
That you’re ok to be around

                          The Cat and Duckling Together
We sit here
Looking at each other
Both with different kinds of mother
And now we can live with
One another

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An Unusual Friendship

An Unusual Friendship

The cat and dog look up into the sky. 
They see angry birds and the cat wonders.
While growing up she’s been quite shy.
With few words to other cats and
Nobody with whom to play.

Now in a garden flowerpot she and the dog sit together
Looking at the birds; all of the same feather.
But the birds attack each other
And they really seem full of hate.

When the cat met the dog with whom she sits
Both were young and somewhat scared but;
During their early years the same space is shared.
She was young and so was he.
And getting together seemed destined to be

The dog became the oldest pup in his family
When his brother came on board
And he had learned to adjust
So when he met the cat he did so calmly. 

Watching the birds squawk at each other
The cat wonders if that could happen
To her and the dog.
The dog is more curious than fearful.