Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An Unusual Friendship

An Unusual Friendship

The cat and dog look up into the sky. 
They see angry birds and the cat wonders.
While growing up she’s been quite shy.
With few words to other cats and
Nobody with whom to play.

Now in a garden flowerpot she and the dog sit together
Looking at the birds; all of the same feather.
But the birds attack each other
And they really seem full of hate.

When the cat met the dog with whom she sits
Both were young and somewhat scared but;
During their early years the same space is shared.
She was young and so was he.
And getting together seemed destined to be

The dog became the oldest pup in his family
When his brother came on board
And he had learned to adjust
So when he met the cat he did so calmly. 

Watching the birds squawk at each other
The cat wonders if that could happen
To her and the dog.
The dog is more curious than fearful.

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