Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Love My Showers

I love my showers
But I don’t take one everyday
It’s one of the only times I like to sing
“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

Having a shower is a perfect example
Of  living in the Here and Now
While standing in the tub
I gently get the water hotter.

But I never need to scream
And I know when It’s time to stop
As I climb out ot the tub
My body is full of laughter

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Aging Through Time

Aging Through Time

Living life is a daily journey,
But who wants to live forever.
And when we die will it be final
                                                      Or will we go to Heaven or Hell.

There may be other steps,
Besides being gone forever
Like reopening with reincarnation
Then living our lives to a better station

In young life I was an athlete
And I didn’t think about getting old.
I was too busy playing football.
Now I live in the ‘here and now’.

I am very thankful for meditation
It daily keeps me on the journey.
But as I get closer to the end
 I don’t think I’ll live forever.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Sad Tiger

 I do not know where I am
 My forest and friends have gone
 Yes I am a giant cat
 And it shouldn't matter where I'm at
 I will just sit and think
 And wonder when this ends
 If I will ever find my friends

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Bird on the Beach

               I am a DOLPHIN GULL
               I bring colour to the beach
               I  watch myself a lot
               I live around the horn
               In my protective jacket

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Second Day of Summer

The Second Day of Summer

I’m sitting looking out the window
And soon I’ll begin my 2nd day of walk
Now even when It’s partly cloudy
The Sun sneaks it’s warmth down to us

I know some days will be quite hot
They can be cooled by windy breeze
And during my walk I can move under the trees
And gaze at many happy flowers

In the years when I taught a school
Summer was a time of rest
Many use summer as vacation
And travel in holiday across the nation.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I am your Butterfly

I would fly real high if I could
But as you might guess
I'm made of wood

So here is the place
That I will sit
Looking at you
Face to face


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Alone in the Forest

I fly my way every day
Sometimes I get lost
And unable to find my way

The best place I like to fly
 I'm less likely to fret
 Is the clear blue sky

 Here I've almost starved
 And lost my temper
  the first since I was carved

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Little Bird Waits For Spring

                                          I sit here in the branch of tree
                                          Waiting for the breath of spring
                                          Missing leaves don't bother me
                                          But it's just to cold to sing


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Looking out for the cat

  Moving in Summer is not like a Fall
  But I need to know where I'm at
  I about bumped in the wall
   As I was being chased by a cat

  In the summer I search in the garden
  I like to find small bugs and worms
  The little things I eat aren't a burden
  But I move fast as a cat has her yearns

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I Am Not A Crow

  My Name is Crested Myna.
  Vancouver is my home.
   I came here 116 years ago.
   At one point in time,
   There were thousands of us.
   In the Winter we live on bridges.
   We also like drain pipes.
    Our babies come in April
    And through the month of June.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Old Man in The Blue

  All my life I have wanted to do good
  Something I learned when I was a child
  To love others as myself and
  Helping others has been a life plan

  When hearing the news I feel quit sad
   But my friends we must not give up
   On my walk the young ones I see
   Smile and giggle as I wave to them
   And that make me very happy
   Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Approach of Summer

The Approach of Summer

I wake deep breathing in the morning
And the sun’s already up
I step outside to get the newspaper
And, oh it’s nice and warm.
Summer is only two weeks away

I have my breakfast and
Get ready for my walk
As I go around the neighborhood
My favorite song pops up
“Who wants to live forever”

Another song pops into my head
"You are my sunshine my only sunshine"
I am happy as I wave to neighbors.
And listen to their barking pets
And I move along, one step at a time

My Friend The Walking Stick

   He is my Friend
   He walks with me
   I walk ok and he stays along
   But if I get into trouble
   He helps it end

   When first we met
    He was just a stick
    But I had learned to carve
    Now when he's with me
     I won't get sick

     We are told that walking
      Helps keep us in health
      So as I become an older man
      I"ll keep him near my side

Friday, June 6, 2014

Yes I'm A Chicken

   I do not run away when I challenged
   I have no idea about that name for humans
   Of course I am a Rooster and not a Hen
   But as a bird, I know the way
   When to fly and what to say

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Story of A Bee

                The Story of A Bee

      When I was born with my mummy
      There were a lot of use around
      And humans were looking for the honey
      Well we grew up most alive
       In a place that was very sunny
       We had a nice big hive

        But as I got older I flew out to see
        And the windows of a human being
        Made me sparkle with glee
        When  I looked inside the thing


As Days Go By

                                                                  As Days Go By

I put research, paintings and poetry on my Blogs[1]
It makes me happy that my info goes around the world
I love to teach which I learned as a firstborn child in our family.

Helping others is my goal of life.
 My career was as; a university professor.
Now that I’m retired, I’m thankful for the Internet
As a teenager and young adult I was an athlete
Now I like to follow sports on television.

If I had the money I would travel around the world
And try to understand what we humans are all about
I wish we humans would learn to do unto others
As they would have them do unto them.

[1] and Retirement: Third Age New Beginning (

Monday, June 2, 2014

Living With Alzheimer

 Living With Alzheimer

Some times I sit with sadness
But that’s not the thing to do
I live my life deep breathing and
Meditating in the here and now.
With love and joy and happiness,

 Sadly, I consider those with cancer
Which to me is the worse disease
Then breathing deeply I return
To meditation in the here and now
And let my brain have ease.

Some day I believe that we humans
Will conquer all disease and hatred.
Perhaps there is another force
That will give us a second chance
Through the process of reincarnation

There are about 7 billion of us on Earth;
Living our lives as human beings.
Hello my friends around the world
It’s only belief in Science Fiction and/or in God
That can bring us all together.

Now I sit here with my mighty wife
And our fuzzy purring pussycat.
The here and now is wonderful.
Besides feeling much less pain
I look outside and there is no rain.

We all need to combat Alzheimer
And someday we will make it go.