Monday, April 28, 2014

The Seasons of the Sun

The Seasons of The Sun

I first learned about the Sun when I was young.
He rose in the morning before I left bed
And then crossed from the mountains.
In the evening he dove into the ocean
And made way for his wife; Misses moon.

Then I learned about his four seasons.
I love Summer best when he’s very warm
And shows his face above me longer.
Sometimes I think he’s angry because
He turns my skin red and I need a lot of water,

Along comes Fall; he begins to come later and stay less.
He lets me get my water by sending it in showers.
As time marches on he makes the rain much colder
A clear signal that it’s time for winter

He’s not around very long and hides behind clouds
Rain turns to snow that shines when peeks from behind clouds
I also have to wear some pretty heavy clothes
He takes no responsibility for keeping me warm
At the end of that comes my favorite holiday

Then he comes back, warming up, but still with rain
An artist created a song about April showers
He signals to the flowers that it’s time grow.
We gain three minutes of daylight each day,
And I count the hours till the return of summer.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Journey Inside Me

My Journey Inside Me

As I go to sleep I see both
small light and big darkness.
There are a lot of paths with little truth.
With many mirrors and choices
Are blind allies on my journey.
I have both doubts and fears
As well as Joy and serenity.
When I finally wake up
And look outside the window.
I feel comfort and softness.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Alone downstairs, he sits
Waiting for his wife and child; that’s me
“Hi dad” I say
He looks up and his eyes focus
“Hello Larry,”
“Let’s walk,” I say
“The Sun’s out”
“Birds are singing”
“And there’s a breeze.”
We walk for several blocks’
Slowly like two penguins.
We chat about the past
Until I leave into the future.

Into the Land Unknown
My eyes come wide open
My arrogance is shattered,
As I awaken in the unknown land.
I feel cautious as I move forward,
In my journey through darkness.
I find strength within
From what I learned from dad
When we fought our stress together
After Spring the air got warm
Each time we saw the sun rise
We smiled together
And stepped further
Into the future,

Dad’s Gone Now
 I now have two sons with whom I walk.
Every other week when the weather’s right,
I meet the two young men
And as we walk together
I understand more about my dad.

And hope my son’s understand me.

Painting and Poetry

My Painting and My Poetry

When I retired because of age,
Painting and poetry became my rage.
With these posts you will see
How creativity has affected me.
Guided by my faithful wife
My life has traveled on

And I swim in acrylics.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring [1]

I woke up this morning and went outside
With a jacket buttoned against the wind.
I felt Sun’s warmth upon my face
As Spring danced around me,
With flowers in her hair.

This afternoon I stood on Mount Baker
 With all his mighty beauty,
I waded in some flowing water,
And the Sun was warm.

Now walking in the noise of silent trees;
I feel the cold and I’ll try to be without her
Till She returns,

[1]  Surfing through my closet I found a book of poetry that I created just of 40 years ago. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

How I Fall Asleep

                                                             How I Fall Asleep

Sleep is quite great after I work all day.
Companied by 3 meals and exercise I need to rest.
The hours I sleep are between six and ten,
I wake happier the longer I sleep,

Those times when I haven’t slept so well,
  I awoke feeling like a walking Zombie.
When I was a young I slept differently.
Cause I liked to stay up watching TV

As I’ve aged, I’m now in my seventies.
I understand some about the flow of wisdom.
I put on my mask, then take a deep breath
This helps me to combat apnea.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Overcoming Stress After Retirement

Overcoming Stress After Retirement

Before retirement, teaching was half my life
Fighting Mandatory Retirement was important.
We needed to retire in our own good time.
When the battle ended, I was a lot more relaxed

Taking time to create poetry helps me bypass stress.
Which must be left behind because it is so destructive.
 My wife who understands me helps me to relax
When I look at her; soft love flows within my heart.

Now I have begun to meditate more frequently
Which helps prevent stress when it approaches
This is very good for my aging brain.
As it travels through my body.

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Life After Retirement

My Life After Retirement

Looking though the window as it rains outside
I am waiting rather impatiently for summer.
In the spring, frequently traveling behind clouds,
The bright sun peaks out and smiles at me.

As an athlete I learned to exercise for health.
On my morning journey I used to jog now I walk
The rain does not prevent my walks each day,
 As I remember my favorite phrase ‘It is what it is,

Meditation has helped me to calm my journey
As I travel along with a very wonderful wife
Also I join my sons for downtown walks
And spend time creating poetry.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From The Day I Left Work

From The Day  I Left Work

At work I gained many social relationships
And strove to do the best job I could,
Asking myself  important questions
That would help me teach others.

I asked myself, what goals would I like to achieve?
 I would help widen the space of the world they see.
And they could  learn more about themselves
And they would set goals to help each other.

I’m proud of one of my students from long ago
Yongjie is about to finish  his PhD.
I have also been able to create my blogs.
That help me send information around the world.

Most important is my wonderful wife
Once a student, who’s now my teacher.
And though I’m retired from a teaching
I still have a great deal to learn.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Moving Along while Aging

Moving Along While Aging

Now both mom and dad are gone,
And I keep moving along while aging.
Staying healthy as I can be
Walking each day in rain or shine.

It’s also important to avoid stress.
I do this by exploring creativity
Besides poetry, I love to paint.
I learn from Elizabeth my wife.

I’m also a member of a Senior’s board
And go to meetings to help other elders.
All my life has been guided by the goal to help.
I think that’s from my being the oldest brother.