Saturday, November 30, 2013

American The Great "God Bless America"

America The Great

All the world is full of humans
Found together in society.
Most of us love our home
Like in ancient times
The ones in Rome.

But some times
We must face a snake,
And then must fight
To avoid a break

Memory: International Mail Art Exhibit

Not only is art a great experience at home, my wife and I like to share our paintings with the rest of the community, if possible, around the world.  My little painting next to me, entitled "America The Great" was created to express my love for my birth country the USA.   I also love Canada and am a citizen of both countries.  I had no idea that this small painting would bring such happiness.  The painting is an excellent example of freedom in North America.  As you read this let me say "May The Force Be With You."

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Meet An Angel Fish Couple

An Angel Fish Couple

The Male

“Going out looking for a meal,
Doesn’t make me into a heal.
I’m ready this moment to make a lunge,
if I come upon a delicious sponge.”

“Following me is the woman of my life
Although she is not my only wife
With my fins erect and on my sides
I signalled her (and others) to be my brides.”

“Some times I get in a terrible mood
I become aggressive about  my food.
And other males will be very sorry
If they come into my territory.”

The Female

“It all happened in a very short time.

He swam up to me and signaled ‘you will be mine!’
He made all kinds of fast movements
In a very few moments.”

“Then swimming in good weather
We put our tummies close together
As close to him, as I thought I should,
I let out ten thousand eggs for good.”

“Now I wonder where he’s going.
An increased level of temper is showing
He’s looking for someone to start a fight
Any other fish will just right.”